Feature ‘mark’ error in exporting merged font

I created a merged font between the existing Japanese typeface and Latin typeface, but when I exported it, Glyphs said there were some errors in the ‘mark’ feature, and there was no ‘mark’ feature tab in the font info window.

How can I fix it? I found similar topics on the forum but couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance.

That seems like an invalid name somewhere. When it complains in the mark feature, it might be a non ascii character in an anchor name?

Can you open the .fea file in the Temp folder?

Hi Georg,

I found features.fea file and open it. How can I find and fix it?
There are a lot of errors on line 196.

From looking at the file, only this line stands out:

	markClass [caroncomb.alt] <anchor 62 750> @mark_topright@ascender;

The anchor in caroncomb.alt seems to be called _topright@ascender. Remove that @ascender part.

Thanks Georg!

I changed the anchor name, and now I exported the fonts successfully.