"Feature mark" syntax error question

I’ve been working on this typeface and recently added glyphs to complete the Latin Plus encoding by Underware. Now when I go to export I receive this error:

My features.fea code is below, but there isn’t a specific “mark” section to look at and debug “line: 2” Am I missing something? I exported one of the masters as UFO and sent it to a RoboFont user who was able to export an OTF after it crashed their program a few times, then magically decided to work.

 `table OS/2 {
	TypoAscender 760;
	TypoDescender -240;
	TypoLineGap 200;
	winAscent 960;
	winDescent 240;
	WeightClass 250;
	WidthClass 5;
	WidthClass 5;
	FSType 8;
	XHeight 520;
	CapHeight 700;
 } OS/2;
table hhea {
	CaretOffset 0;
	Ascender 960;
	Descender -240;
	LineGap 0;
} hhea;
table head { 
	FontRevision 001.000;
} head;
table name {
	nameid 0 1 "Copyright \A9 2016 by Dave Bailey. All rights reserved.";
	nameid 0 3 1 1033 "Copyright \00A9 2016 by Dave Bailey. All rights reserved.";
	nameid 1 1 "Muskeg 20161129";
	nameid 1 3 1 1033 "Muskeg 20161129 Thin";
	nameid 2 1 "Thin";
	nameid 2 3 1 1033 "Regular";
	nameid 4 1 "Muskeg 20161129 Thin";
	nameid 4 3 1 1033 "Muskeg 20161129 Thin";
	nameid 8 1 "Dave Bailey";
	nameid 8 3 1 1033 "Dave Bailey";
	nameid 9 1 "Dave Bailey";
	nameid 9 3 1 1033 "Dave Bailey";
	nameid 11 1 "www.losttype.com";
	nameid 11 3 1 1033 "www.losttype.com";
	nameid 12 1 "bezierwrangler.com";
	nameid 12 3 1 1033 "bezierwrangler.com";
} name;
@Uppercase = [A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A.swsh B.swsh C.swsh D.swsh E.swsh F.swsh G.swsh H.swsh I.swsh J.swsh K.swsh L.swsh M.swsh N.swsh O.swsh P.swsh Q.swsh R.swsh S.swsh T.swsh U.swsh V.swsh W.swsh X.swsh Y.swsh Z.swsh Aacute Aacute.swsh Abreve Abreve.swsh Acircumflex Acircumflex.swsh Adieresis Adieresis.swsh Adotbelow Agrave Agrave.swsh Amacron Amacron.swsh Aogonek Aogonek.swsh Aring Aring.swsh Aringacute Atilde Atilde.swsh Cacute Cacute.swsh Ccaron Ccaron.swsh Ccedilla Ccedilla.swsh Ccircumflex Cdotaccent Cdotaccent.swsh Dcaron Dcaron.swsh Dcroat Dcroat.swsh Eacute Eacute.swsh Ebreve Ecaron Ecaron.swsh Ecircumflex Ecircumflex.swsh Edieresis Edieresis.swsh Edotaccent Edotaccent.swsh Edotbelow Egrave Egrave.swsh Etilde Emacron Emacron.swsh Eogonek Eogonek.swsh Gbreve Gbreve.swsh Gcaron Gcircumflex Gcircumflex.swsh Gcommaaccent Gcommaaccent.swsh Gdotaccent Gdotaccent.swsh Hbar Hbar.swsh Hcircumflex Hcircumflex.swsh Iacute Iacute.swsh Ibreve Ibreve.swsh Icircumflex Icircumflex.swsh Idieresis Idieresis.swsh Idotaccent Idotaccent.swsh Idotbelow Igrave Igrave.swsh Imacron Imacron.swsh Iogonek Iogonek.swsh Itilde Jcircumflex Jcircumflex.swsh Kcommaaccent Kcommaaccent.swsh Lacute Lacute.swsh Lcaron Lcaron.swsh Lcommaaccent Lcommaaccent.swsh Ldot Nacute Nacute.swsh Ncaron Ncaron.swsh Ncommaaccent Ncommaaccent.swsh Ntilde Ntilde.swsh Eng Nhookleft Oacute Oacute.swsh Obreve Obreve.swsh Ocircumflex Ocircumflex.swsh Odieresis Odieresis.swsh Odotbelow Ograve Ograve.swsh Ohungarumlaut Ohungarumlaut.swsh Omacron Omacron.swsh Oogonek Oslash Oslash.swash Oslashacute Otilde Otilde.swsh Racute Racute.swsh Rcaron Rcaron.swsh Rcommaaccent Rcommaaccent.swsh Sacute Sacute.swsh Scaron Scaron.swsh Scedilla Scedilla.swsh Scircumflex Scommaaccent Scommaaccent.swsh Germandbls Tbar Tcaron Tcedilla Tcommaaccent Eth Eth.swsh Thorn Uacute Uacute.swsh Ubreve Ucircumflex Ucircumflex.swsh Udieresis Udieresis.swsh Udotbelow Ugrave Ugrave.swsh Uhungarumlaut Uhungarumlaut.swsh Umacron Umacron.swsh Uogonek Uogonek.swsh Uring Uring.swsh Utilde Utilde.swsh Wacute Wacute.swsh Wcircumflex Wcircumflex.swsh Wdieresis Wdieresis.swsh Wgrave Wgrave.swsh Lslash Lslash.swsh Yacute Yacute.swsh Ycircumflex Ycircumflex.swsh Ydieresis Ydieresis.swsh Ygrave Ygrave.swsh Ymacron Ytilde IJ Zacute Zacute.swsh Zcaron Zcaron.swsh Zdotaccent Zdotaccent.swsh Schwa AE AEacute OE Delta Omega
languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;
languagesystem latn CAT;
languagesystem latn ROM;
languagesystem latn MOL;
languagesystem latn KAZ;
languagesystem latn TAT;
languagesystem latn TRK;
languagesystem latn CRT;
languagesystem latn AZE;

feature aalt {
feature ccmp;
feature locl;
feature sups;
feature frac;
feature ordn;
feature case;
feature zero;
feature swsh;

} aalt ;

feature ccmp {
lookup ccmp_Other_1 {
	@CombiningTopAccents = [acutecomb brevecomb caroncomb circumflexcomb commaturnedabovecomb dieresiscomb dotaccentcomb gravecomb hungarumlautcomb macroncomb ringcomb tildecomb];
	@CombiningNonTopAccents = [cedillacomb dotbelowcomb ogonekcomb slashlongcomb slashshortcomb strokelongcomb strokeshortcomb];
	sub [i j]' @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless];
	sub [i j]' @CombiningNonTopAccents @CombiningTopAccents by [idotless jdotless];
	@Markscomb = [dieresiscomb dotaccentcomb gravecomb acutecomb hungarumlautcomb circumflexcomb caroncomb brevecomb ringcomb tildecomb macroncomb commaturnedabovecomb commaaccentcomb cedillacomb ogonekcomb strokeshortcomb];
	@MarkscombCase = [dieresiscomb.case dotaccentcomb.case gravecomb.case acutecomb.case hungarumlautcomb.case circumflexcomb.case caroncomb.case brevecomb.case ringcomb.case tildecomb.case macroncomb.case commaturnedabovecomb.case commaaccentcomb.case cedillacomb.case ogonekcomb.case strokeshortcomb.case];
	sub @Markscomb @Markscomb' by @MarkscombCase;
	sub @Uppercase @Markscomb' by @MarkscombCase;
} ccmp_Other_1;

lookup ccmp_Other_2 {
	sub @Markscomb' @MarkscombCase by @MarkscombCase;
	sub @MarkscombCase @Markscomb' by @MarkscombCase;
} ccmp_Other_2;

} ccmp ;

feature locl {
script latn;
language CAT;
sub  l' periodcentered' l by ldot;
sub  L' periodcentered' L by Ldot;
language ROM;
sub Scedilla by Scommaaccent;
sub scedilla by scommaaccent;
sub Tcedilla by Tcommaaccent;
sub tcedilla by tcommaaccent;
language MOL;
sub Scedilla by Scommaaccent;
sub scedilla by scommaaccent;
sub Tcedilla by Tcommaaccent;
sub tcedilla by tcommaaccent;
language KAZ;
sub i by idotaccent;
language TAT;
sub i by idotaccent;
language TRK;
sub i by idotaccent;
language CRT;
sub i by idotaccent;
language AZE;
sub i by idotaccent;

} locl ;

feature sups {
sub one by onesuperior;
sub two by twosuperior;
sub three by threesuperior;

} sups ;

feature frac {
sub one slash four by onequarter;
sub one slash two by onehalf;
sub three slash four by threequarters;

} frac ;

feature ordn {
sub [zero one two three four five six seven eight nine] [A a]' by ordfeminine;
sub [zero one two three four five six seven eight nine] [O o]' by ordmasculine;

} ordn ;

feature case {
sub dieresiscomb by dieresiscomb.case;
sub dotaccentcomb by dotaccentcomb.case;
sub gravecomb by gravecomb.case;
sub acutecomb by acutecomb.case;
sub hungarumlautcomb by hungarumlautcomb.case;
sub circumflexcomb by circumflexcomb.case;
sub caroncomb by caroncomb.case;
sub brevecomb by brevecomb.case;
sub ringcomb by ringcomb.case;
sub tildecomb by tildecomb.case;
sub macroncomb by macroncomb.case;
sub commaturnedabovecomb by commaturnedabovecomb.case;
sub commaaccentcomb by commaaccentcomb.case;
sub cedillacomb by cedillacomb.case;
sub ogonekcomb by ogonekcomb.case;
sub strokeshortcomb by strokeshortcomb.case;

} case ;

feature dlig {
sub f f ij by f_f_ij;
sub f i by f_i;
sub f l by f_l;
sub f ij by f_ij;

} dlig ;

feature liga {
sub f f l by f_f_l;
sub f f i by f_f_i;
sub f i by fi;
sub f f by f_f;
sub f l by fl;

} liga ;

feature zero {
sub zero by zero.zero;

} zero ;

feature swsh {
sub A by A.swsh;
sub B by B.swsh;
sub C by C.swsh;
sub D by D.swsh;
sub E by E.swsh;
sub F by F.swsh;
sub G by G.swsh;
sub H by H.swsh;
sub I by I.swsh;
sub J by J.swsh;
sub K by K.swsh;
sub L by L.swsh;
sub M by M.swsh;
sub N by N.swsh;
sub O by O.swsh;
sub P by P.swsh;
sub Q by Q.swsh;
sub R by R.swsh;
sub S by S.swsh;
sub T by T.swsh;
sub U by U.swsh;
sub V by V.swsh;
sub W by W.swsh;
sub X by X.swsh;
sub Y by Y.swsh;
sub Z by Z.swsh;
sub Aacute by Aacute.swsh;
sub Abreve by Abreve.swsh;
sub Acircumflex by Acircumflex.swsh;
sub Adieresis by Adieresis.swsh;
sub Agrave by Agrave.swsh;
sub Amacron by Amacron.swsh;
sub Aogonek by Aogonek.swsh;
sub Aring by Aring.swsh;
sub Atilde by Atilde.swsh;
sub Cacute by Cacute.swsh;
sub Ccaron by Ccaron.swsh;
sub Ccedilla by Ccedilla.swsh;
sub Cdotaccent by Cdotaccent.swsh;
sub Dcaron by Dcaron.swsh;
sub Dcroat by Dcroat.swsh;
sub Eacute by Eacute.swsh;
sub Ecaron by Ecaron.swsh;
sub Ecircumflex by Ecircumflex.swsh;
sub Edieresis by Edieresis.swsh;
sub Edotaccent by Edotaccent.swsh;
sub Egrave by Egrave.swsh;
sub Emacron by Emacron.swsh;
sub Eogonek by Eogonek.swsh;
sub Gbreve by Gbreve.swsh;
sub Gcircumflex by Gcircumflex.swsh;
sub Gcommaaccent by Gcommaaccent.swsh;
sub Gdotaccent by Gdotaccent.swsh;
sub Hbar by Hbar.swsh;
sub Hcircumflex by Hcircumflex.swsh;
sub Iacute by Iacute.swsh;
sub Ibreve by Ibreve.swsh;
sub Icircumflex by Icircumflex.swsh;
sub Idieresis by Idieresis.swsh;
sub Idotaccent by Idotaccent.swsh;
sub Igrave by Igrave.swsh;
sub Imacron by Imacron.swsh;
sub Iogonek by Iogonek.swsh;
sub Jcircumflex by Jcircumflex.swsh;
sub Kcommaaccent by Kcommaaccent.swsh;
sub Lacute by Lacute.swsh;
sub Lcaron by Lcaron.swsh;
sub Lcommaaccent by Lcommaaccent.swsh;
sub Nacute by Nacute.swsh;
sub Ncaron by Ncaron.swsh;
sub Ncommaaccent by Ncommaaccent.swsh;
sub Ntilde by Ntilde.swsh;
sub Oacute by Oacute.swsh;
sub Obreve by Obreve.swsh;
sub Ocircumflex by Ocircumflex.swsh;
sub Odieresis by Odieresis.swsh;
sub Ograve by Ograve.swsh;
sub Ohungarumlaut by Ohungarumlaut.swsh;
sub Omacron by Omacron.swsh;
sub Otilde by Otilde.swsh;
sub Racute by Racute.swsh;
sub Rcaron by Rcaron.swsh;
sub Rcommaaccent by Rcommaaccent.swsh;
sub Sacute by Sacute.swsh;
sub Scaron by Scaron.swsh;
sub Scedilla by Scedilla.swsh;
sub Scommaaccent by Scommaaccent.swsh;
sub Eth by Eth.swsh;
sub Uacute by Uacute.swsh;
sub Ucircumflex by Ucircumflex.swsh;
sub Udieresis by Udieresis.swsh;
sub Ugrave by Ugrave.swsh;
sub Uhungarumlaut by Uhungarumlaut.swsh;
sub Umacron by Umacron.swsh;
sub Uogonek by Uogonek.swsh;
sub Uring by Uring.swsh;
sub Utilde by Utilde.swsh;
sub Wacute by Wacute.swsh;
sub Wcircumflex by Wcircumflex.swsh;
sub Wdieresis by Wdieresis.swsh;
sub Wgrave by Wgrave.swsh;
sub Lslash by Lslash.swsh;
sub Yacute by Yacute.swsh;
sub Ycircumflex by Ycircumflex.swsh;
sub Ydieresis by Ydieresis.swsh;
sub Ygrave by Ygrave.swsh;
sub Zacute by Zacute.swsh;
sub Zcaron by Zcaron.swsh;
sub Zdotaccent by Zdotaccent.swsh;

} swash ;`

That is really the right file? It might be from the -temp folder?

How do I see the Feature file other than in the Temp folder?

In the Temp folder, there are folders for each exported instance. But also folders that end with ‘-temp’ that are generated when you hit the ‘Compile’ button. The later ones do not contain all information.

Ah, whoops! I was in fact looking in the -temp folder. I had components in .notdef. Now I know where to look, thanks Georg!

why do you have anchors in the .notdef glyph? please remove those.