Feature Request: A sidebar category or subcategory for .locl letters and their base forms

It would be very useful to have an area where you can see all of your font’s .locl glyphs and their matching non-localised variants. The currently best way to do this is to search for .locl in “all”, this however doesn’t show the base letters that the .locl are variants off. (It will show sha-cy.loclBGR and sha-cy.loclSRB, but not regular sha-cy.) This feature would be quite useful in fonts with quite a lot of localised variant forms.

My own font, while still a work in progress, already has localised forms for berber, latvian, marshallese, slovakian, czech, ukrainian, bulgarian, bashkir, serbian, macedonian and choctaw, and more will likely be added later.

Having a central place to look at and check all of them would be very helpful.

(I’ll respond to your other messages soon, thanks for all your help so far.)

To see all those glyphs next to each other would indeed be useful. But I suspect that an automatic list filter would be the best solution. Because why stop at localized glyphs. Why not stylistic alternates …

So I think a list filter would be the best solution here. Make a search for .locl, copy all glyph names and paste it to a text editor that supports column selection. Then you can add the unlocalized glyphs with a few clicks.

Or with a quick script in Edit view:

particle = ".locl"
tabText = ""
font = Glyphs.font
for g in font.glyphs:
	if particle in g.name:
		baseName = g.name[:g.name.find(particle)]
		if font.glyphs[baseName]:
			tabText += "/%s" % baseName
		tabText += "/%s" % g.name