Feature request: Art board

Tracing drawings in Glyphs is a complicated process. Because glyphs don’t have an unlimited height I have to slice an image into lines of glyphs, or individual glyphs, set the height to match the cap height/x height, bring those images into glyphs, and then trace them. I would like to have an artboard area in my Glyphs files with unlimited height where I could just trace over entire alphabets instead of having to break things apart.


I’d love something like this, for the same reason (and as a slightly bigger playing field), but also for tweaking the final beziers on a logo or illustrative artwork (which I know isn’t Glyph’s core business, but it works second to none!).

Tracing is something I have not tried much but I would like to see a feature where the original drawing / font is available inside the preview window when recreating a new glyph or design.

The predefined sorting area of the glyph is something I would like to see included inside the building/design preview of any typeface this would be useful for me to gauge the individual glyphs cap height, x height, and width when viewing small changes in the elements of an alphabet.