Feature request … Auto adjust Clashing Corners

say I have a rounded corner and there is some overlap due to say optical adjustments and on most corners its fine but as in the example above I need to push over the default distance both corners would normally have creating an overlap in the corner component

would be nice if the endpoints of each corner simply meet and get stuck at the first point of overlap rather than doing what they are doing at the moment

exaggerated example:

That is quite tricky as it is not clear how to distort the corner. Have you considered using a cap?

Agree that would be nice!

The rounded corner filter also create tons of bugs when exporting to variable. It usually makes a Long list with glyph where is was not able to make that rounded corner.
But it would be nice if glyphs just exported The file a gave me a list of all the glyph/points where it was forces to make the radius smaller(and the amount). That would be so helpful, cause at the moment rounded corner filter is almost useless for variable fonts :frowning:

Isn’t It?

in this case vertically, decrease height so that endpoints meet one another … let’s call it flex corner … if they get squooshed so be it. Designers’ choice, at least there isn’t this odd artefact as in the example above.

If we use round corner filter there is the same thing happening, if the end points of the rounded corner meet oneanother they get stuck at that junction … where there is room they keep expanding … where there isn’t … the don’t.

Scaling the corner seems obvious in this case. But there are many more situations where it isn’t. You can scale the corners yourself.

Can you send me some example where the Round corner filter break.

Of course I will send it to you right away :slight_smile:
But mainly in tight corners, ink traps and where there is node closer together than the RoundedCornerFilter radius.
Which is why I would suggest that The rounded corners filter should use the radius you give, and if there are nodes where there there isn’t space for your radius, it should just apply the maximum radius possible for that node.

While we are on the subject … i noticed another behaviour with the corners

if I scale an entire shape complex that has corners assigned … the corners get scaled along with it, which is probably a great thing for many users…

is there a way to have the old behaviour where they stay at whatever percentage I scaled them to (100%x100% usually), independently of the shape scaling?

How do you scale?
Most scale functions leave the corners alone.

Hi Georg. Did you get the files?

Yes, I did. I’m looking into it asap.

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Hi @GeorgSeifert
Have you had the chance to look at the files? or any update on the possibility of making The roundCorner filter applying the maximum possible roundness instead of giving a long list of errors??