Feature request: Auto-rebuild automatic features

When I add a ligated glyph, I need to manually go to the Features panel of Font Info and click the circular “rebuild” button on my ccmp features. Similarly, if I remove that ligated glyph, I have to go and rebuild the features again or else the font won’t export.

Wouldn’t it be better to do that automatically, perhaps on export? Certainly if I remove the ligated glyph there is no reason why it should stay in the features table. It can be removed from the features immediately. And it might be helpful to automatically rebuild the features when a glyph is added too.

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It should do auto-updating at export already. Will check on this.

It only updates the features if you have a Remove/Rename parameter.

I approve that.
An alternative could be another check box on export panel: „Auto-rebuild automatic features".

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Another part to this: Is there are reason why the operations of “update” and “compile” are separate? Would you ever want to compile some features without updating the ones that should be automatically updated? Would you ever want to update but not compile?

Update can add automatic features. In case you don’t want them to be added, that is when you just want to press Compile. But OTOH, users can turn on the Deactivate option in that case…

Compiling without an update is pretty useful if you want to make sure code compiles without changing anything.

When I hear “automatic”, I tend to think “this happens without me having to do anything”…