Feature request: Feature-Menue

I find the features-menu very helpful, but I still wonder about the reason for the order, I find it a litte bit arbitrary. I think for example »Small Caps« and »Small Caps from Capitals«, just as »Lining Figures«, »Oldstyle Figutes«, »Proportional Figures« and »Tabular Figures« belongs together (just like some others).

And by the way: I would prefer the feature-menu als a list of checkboxes like in this pictures, at the left side, or at the bottom of the window, maybe switchable like the sidebar.
It would have two main Advantages: the features would be easier to reach and you could see all enabled features all the time.

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You can see at least some of the active features in the title of the Features button.

the sorting in categories looks nice but the feature order is often quite important and I like to reflect that in the UI.

I think someone made a plugin that would do show a panel with all features. If could be done similar to the Reporter Toggler.

But why do you need to switch features so often?

Try the mekkablue script Features > Floating Features. It may already do what you want.

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I know, that the order is important, but should the order in the menu not be the same as in the feature-window?

While controlling kerning, I switch quite often stylistic sets, different digits and small caps.

That’s helpful, aside from the fact that you have to learn all the feature-codes

The feature code have the advantage that they are shorter and the panel can be narrower.

Of course, but I think in times of 24, 27, 30 inch- and 4k/5k-displays a wider panel should not be a problem.

Can you update the scripts. I improved it a bit

Thank you very much. But for me the new version does not work at all. Deleted the old version, put in the new one, started Glyphs again but no Glyph changes.

The Umlaute in the german names are wrong and some text is cut off (what is just a cosmetic problem).


I was a bit short on time earlier. Can you please update again. It should work now.

Sorry, could you also keep the four-letter feature names too?

I think having both will make the window to big. Maybe an option? You can play around with it and send a pull request?

great! Works fine

Where do you find this Features-menu??

It is a custom script from Rainer. He linked to it above.