Feature request: Folders in 'Instances' in Font Info

When working with a lot of instances, the list can become very long. I think it would be very nice to be able to use folders in that list. For example, I could put all my condensed instances into a folder named ‘Condensed’.

Especially now we are on the verge of working with OTFvar, with more complex design spaces, the need and necessity for more instances is growing.

Ideally, with the possibility to activate and deactivate a folder (and its content) a once.

Did you try to put most of them into a glyphsProject file? Only keep the instance the instances that are relevant to the design in the .glyphs file.

I haven’t use projects yet.

I just read the manual on the subject, but I would like to be able to toggle them on/off. I am now in a development stage in which I haven’t defined the final instances yet. I am using them to see the form transitions form one to another. Like from Condensed to expanded, or Thin to Black. Etc.