Feature request: Glyph panel just for "typing" in edit view

I am struggling with foreign glyph names in edit view very often: e.g. what was the name of this hebrew glyph, that looks more or less like an x?

So I think it would be nice to have a glyph window exacly like the one for adding components, just for “typing”.

Maybe this might be a solution:

Of course.
But sometimes, a single language script could be very confusing…

In this case a complete visual overview would help a lot. At least my visual memory is much better than the other parts :slight_smile:

So, not exactly like the one for adding components, but instead a grid of glyph icons?

Like the “Glyph Window” from the Windows menu. Looks like this:

Floating would be nice, too.
And maybe with tooltip for the complete glyphname.
And - don’t bash me for my brassiness - a filter for languages / scripts :slight_smile:


If you work with a script such as Arabic or Hebrew, I think you will quickly learn the names of the glyphs and be much faster using ⌘F that picking from a grid.

The glyphs in your screenshot have production names, those are difficult to learn. I would recommend using friendly names such as hehgoal-ar.fina instead of uniFBA7. With these names, searching by name becomes much easier.

On export, Glyphs converts the friendly glyph names to the usual production names (uniFBA7) inside the exported font file.

yes, i know. But in case of this font, import did not work as expected, so I decided to leave the production names.

But I have other fonts in progress with “friendly names” and I think, I will never notice all these over 500 different arabic names. Its simply too much thinking… is this an end or a middle and so on. To be honist, I have had huge problems with english vocabulary in school a thousand years ago…

But I almost never forget a glyph form. So, for me, its much more convenient and faster to see many glyphs in one view.

For now, I switch to font view, copy the glyph, switch back to edit view and paste it…
Sometimes really annoying.

Also I think, I am not the only one, who’s visual memory is better than all others. It is not really nice to point to the competitor, so excuse me, but in FL there a even 3 ways to enter glyphs…

But, of course, I like Glyphs more!

This depends on the option in GlyphsPreferences…Keep glyph names from imported files. Uncheck this option to convert glyph names to friendly names on import.

For an already imported file, go to FileFont Info…Other and uncheck Use custom naming. Once unchecked, select all glyphs in Font View (⌘A) and run GlyphUpdate Glyphs Info to change the names.

I think the Glyph Palette could be changed such that it inserts a component if in edit mode and a glyph if in text mode.