Feature Request: "hit test" smart filter

Would be very useful for feature generation and kerning operations.

In a hit test filter you would indicate the position of a “sensor” so to speak inside a glyph using a coordinate (negative coords if RTL or allow variable e.g. glyphWidth-10, or % coords e.g. 50%) shape, and a radius, and if this sensor intersects with ink inside the glyph, that glyph passes the filter.


  • Negative hit tests
  • Combine multiple hit tests using boolean operations
  • Variables for glyph metrics
  • Test whether the sensor intersects with a component, anchor, etc, or anything.
  • Test whether there is any ink above/below a y coord.

Would be great as a plugin too, but a lot nicer if built-in!


Some of this is already possible with feature code tokens. Not in that precision though.