Feature Request: I hope it's work, but I don't have clue

Hi Guys,
I’m a self-taught type designer and still learning the glyphs app after using Fontlab 5-8 from 2017 to 2022. So I like the glyphs app because it runs smoothly, now I think I need some tools that I used in FontLab before.

First, this is possible or I’m just missing some tools?

  1. Can I request to drag-select the eye icons like in the after-effect timeline?

  1. Edit path across glyphs?

  1. Auto Codepages and Unicode Ranges based on all glyphs?
    In Fontlab, just click the diamond icon and poof! magic happen

Thanks Guys!

  1. I was also requesting this a while ago. Would be really handy for fonts with many instances

  2. I also wanted this from time to time and thought about making a plugin. But the effort was too big for me and the use cases where to rare in my workflow

  1. I would also love that, especially in layers palette. You all mean simultaneous dragging and toggling the eye icon, like in Photoshop, right?

  2. Also requested this some time ago, but came to conclusion that simple operations can be scripted and complex operations are too specific to specific glyphs.

  1. Is automatically generated on export. Why do you want to manually edit this? If you really want to, you can open the exported font in Glyphs and copy the unicodeRanges custom parameter from Font Info > Font.
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  1. I can see that this can be useful in times. The current setup in Glyphs doesn’t fill well. It is mostly about the undo work. I’ll see what I can do.
  2. If you just need the default computed Unicode/code page range, just remove the parameter. It will be computed on export. So either set it manually (when you have a reason to do so) or not at all. But a “auto” buttin could be a starting point for manual edits.

Wow nice info, thank you for your answer!