Feature Request, Metrics-Math

Hi all,

Im happy to see that Glyphs can do math by setup metrics.

Now, it also could be usefull to have the possibility to use percent for calculations and
In the course of this improvement, would be nice to do also “complex” mathematics like =o+2/2 (f.e.).

This would be a great feature improvement.


Can you file a bug report on http://bugreport.glyphsapp.com to make sure that this is not lost. This is an interesting idea but quite low on my list right now.

I will do.

Was there a Trick to get in? I tried my user-name and password I also use for the forum, but it doesn’t work …

It is a separate login. Register in the top right corner (the link is little hidden).

You already can use percentages. To add 10%, you would write something like =n*1.1.

But I don’t think it would be very useful, to tell you the truth. Because in my experience, percentage adjustments do not make sense in metrics. Think of an O and a Q with a tail that extends beyond the RSB. If you add 10% to the RSB, the RSB of the O would grow, while the RSB of the Q would decrease. And that is just one example.

@George: I create the request

@Mekka: I just think about the problem like in web-layouts using px and em.
You could be right, but it is the responsibility of the designer to use those opportunities or not?!
For me, I try to think more in percentage than in fixed units : ).

I would say would be a good and logical feature.


Sure. As explained above, you can already do percentages, so it already is your responsibility. Feel free to go ahead, but don’t say you were not warned. I have yet to see a sensible use case (or good reasoning, for that matter) for percentage adjustments, or, at least in Latin typography, one case where it did not create more problems than it solved in the first place.