Feature request: More function for preview

The functionality and possibilities of Glyphs are growing by the hour. With Glyphs we are capable of tackling larger client and personal projects. Larger projects often come with more complexity like multiple axis and interpolations.

The preview window at the bottom now shows only a row of text or specific/activated instances at a specific size to window ratio. When working on a large family, I like to see all instances and their behavior when I am editing outlines.

– Wouldn’t it be an idea to be able to add color to the previewed glyphs ? That would make it easier to distinguish between axis. For example weight: black, width: dark blue.

– I started using the iPad Glyphs app. Would it be possible to have a different setting than the preview on the main window ?

– Would it be possible to see an area of interpolations instead of only a row on the iPad Glyphs app, when using more than one axis ?

Googled a quick sample (PampaType Font Foundry | Rhythm in Type Design).

– Would it be possible to change the textsize of the preview window ?

Just thinking out loud.

A separate window plugin with these instances is possible. By that, I mean I may do it in the future.

I have some plans to add functionality to the preview window and the iOS viewer. But other stuff keeps pushing it down the list. :wink:

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Did you find time by any chance ? :joy:

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