Feature request: more selective text selecting in glyph names

If I double-click on a glyph name with a suffix, the entire name is selected.
I would find it useful if I a double click on the character name, or on the suffix, would just make that part of the name selected. And then perhaps a triple-click would select the whole name.

So [ampersand].ss03 or ampersand.[ss03] instead of [ampersand.ss03]

Fixed that.

I see this works now, thanks.

Right now if I have an f.sc.ss01 glyph and double click on the ss01, then drag over to the sc, Glyphs will switch my selection from the ss01 to the sc. I would find it more useful and intuitive if Glyphs would then select both suffixes.

Thus on dragging after the double click, I would get
f.[sc.ss03] rather than f.[sc].ss03.

(I noticed I can get both selected by landing on the period in between, but that’s an awfully small target!)

Also, could this be implemented in the glyph names listed in remove Glyphs or rename Glyphs value strings under Custom Parameters?

This would also be useful if it worked in the List Filter lists.

How do you drag the selection over the .sc? If I try this, it drags the selected glyphs.

Not sure I follow you, but maybe I should clarify that I’m talking about holding the second click and moving the mouse (rather than double click/release and then grabbing).

understand. Never tried this. Will fix it.

This is still a minor annoyance in both G2 and G3 beta.

As an example, if I have a glyph named “g.ss01.medi” and want to change it to just “g”, my impulse is to double click-and-hold one of the suffixes and drag the cursor over the other one to select them both. (This is how I’d do a word-by-word selection in a text editor, for example.) But the drag switches to the other suffix rather than adding it to the selection.

I have never used that gesture. And I could fix it.