Feature Request: OpenType coding colors

Hi, is there a way that I can make classes on coding features become colored or something?
(such as sub becomes blue and bold).

It’s kinda silly thing, but might help on the overall.


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Isn’t the @-sign strong enough? Can you make a mockup?

in a pretty rough way…

the @ is enough, but maybe this would be a more visual way to see things, just an idea…



I dont think that the current tokeniser can do that. I’ll keep that in mind.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In this case I think it makes more sense to highlight the entire contents of the square brackets in orange.

But what about classes inside brackets?

Finding the start and end of a bracket string can be difficult in a long lookup, even with the existing blue highlights. Highlighting the whole lot would not make it any easier to find the boundaries when one bracket string is followed by another. It would also mean most of my Burmese lookups would be fully highlighted: if everything’s highlighted then nothing stands out.

I’d find it useful to have classes in a different colour too.

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Okay, maybe the content could be brown?

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