Feature Request: Positiv Annotation (not visible in font view)

Sometimes, I am doing things that I would usually not do. E.g. setting an additional point in a curve for better smoothness or correct stem width or whatever. Or the point is only useful in another Master.

Often, when I come back to this glyph later for a quick look, I delete the additional point because I have forgotten, what it is good for.

To avoid this, I would like to have an additional entry in annotations. A check mark for example.

And this annotation should not be visible in font view, because it should not mark something, that is OK and intentionally.

What do you think?

Annotations are not just about negative things, they just annotated something. The icon in Font View tells you that there is an annotation, but that does not need to be a negative signal. You could use glyph colors or tags to mark glyphs that still need refinement.

Sorry, what are tags?

In Font View, select a glyph (or multiple glyphs) and edit the tags in the bottom-left inspector:

Once you have added tags to some glyphs, you can use the Tags context menu to add them to other glyphs:

You can use my Guten Tag plugin (WindowPlugin Manager) for additional tag related features like editing tags in Edit View, tagging shortcuts, or navigating between related glyphs:

Ah. Glyphs 3 feature. OK.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a definitively positive annotation like a checkmark or an “OK”

Not pushing the checkmark idea necessarily (doesn’t seem beneficial to be able to place it at arbitrary position), but I do want a new annotation: straight line.

A line with arbitrary angle and length defined by two control points? Can you describe your use-case?

Generally issues related to alignment or angle, but it could be also used for thickness (circle could be used for that too of course).