Feature request: Re-order workspace tabs

Apologies if there is a way to do this and I’m just unaware, but it would be very helpful to be able to click-hold-drag-release workspace tabs to re-order them like tabs in a web browser. I use tons of workspaces and not being able to organize them is a (admittedly small) thorn in my particular workflow.

Thanks for consideration!


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There is currently no such feature.

I wouldn’t focus on the tabs so much, and more on the text. You can save the contents of a tab in the sample texts in the app settings, and invoke them again with Cmd-Opt-F.

That doesn’t seem to address the same needs to me, particularly if the tab arrangement wanted is particular to a font project.


For additional context, I usually have lots of workspaces active (see attached screenshot), for things like proofing paragraphs, numbers, ligatures, similar glyph forms, et cetera, and it’s be really nice to be able to order their tabs so they’re easier to intuitively move between.

You could put those workspaces into the sample texts. That way you have full control and can re-open them at any time.