Feature Request : Regroup Instances in Folder

In a font file with +10 instances, it is quickly the mess to find there.
It could be really useful if it was possible to regroup Instances (Glyph > Infos > Exports) in custom folders.

To go from :

  • Condensed Thin
  • Condensed Regular
  • Condensed Bold
  • Thin
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Extended Thin
  • Extended Regular
  • Extended Bold

To :

  • Condensed
    • Condensed Thin
    • Condensed Regular
    • Condensed Black
  • Normal
    • Thin
    • Regular
    • Black
  • Extended
    • Extended Thin
    • Extended Regular
    • Extended Black

That is on my list.


Hey @GeorgSeifert !
Any news about this feature ?

I recently started to use .glyphsproject to organise exports easily, but even with it, I feel that a group instances feature could be extremely useful for many reasons :

  • Help to organise the instances panel (with project with more than 50/60 instances, it becomes quite difficult to organize/manage instances, and increases the chances of forgetting something.)

  • Easily manage General and Custom Parameters. It would be helpful if it were possible to set parameters on a folder and propagate them to instances in.

It would be very helpful to have the possibility of nested folders, as shown in this example:

Untitled Greek
 └── Untitled Greek Condensed
      └── Untitled Greek Condensed Light
      └── Untitled Greek Condensed Regular
 └── Untitled Greek
      └── Untitled Greek Light
      └── Untitled Greek Regular

 └── Untitled Condensed
      └── Untitled Condensed Light
      └── Untitled Condensed Regular
 └── Untitled
      └── Untitled Light
      └── Untitled Regular

By the way, the .glyphsproject format appears to be a bit buggy ( it does not allow you to add Variable export after loading the .glyphs file). Additionally, the export function is not as flexible as the one in the app. You cannot choose the export format without setting an additional custom parameter.

Furthermore, .glyphsproject cannot be manipulated with the Glyphs API, which makes it less convenient to use.

Have you tried the Export Folder custom parameter? Adding something like Greek/Condensed will export to that given folder.

Yes, I am familiar with this CP parameter. However, I am more concerned about instance management within Glyphs, and less so about the export location.

Something like this ?


I have implemented several improvements that should resolve this issue. Unfortunately it will only be available in the next big update.