Feature Request: RemoveGlyphs also from manual Classes and Features

It would be great if the custom parameter “Remove Glyphs” would look for existence of the deleted glyphs in OT classes and features, too.
And then of course delete it there.


Manually written OT classes? Dangerous.

Imagine the case where two classes are supposed to be in sync because one is substituted for the other, and after removal of certain glyphs, they are not in sync anymore and the OT errors start again.

Errors occur anyway.
But then half of the repair would be done and only the rest needs to be fixed.
(Checking whether classes that substitute each other have the same count of glyphs is another, a related feature request.)
Filtering out the removed glyphs from these text lists is annoying, error-prone and absolutely opposite to the glyphsapp feeling.

Imagine all the cases where a class needs no sync with nothing!

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For the time being, that will have to be the job for a script. I am not convinced Glyphs should fiddle in manual feature code.

I just ran into this exact problem last week. For now, I had to manually remove the glyphs form ot features…

such a feature would be very nice!

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What about this feature for Glyphs3?

As long as the features page can now detect the wrong synrax with yellow or red alerts, it is also ok to include the option feature of either deleting corresponding OT features or classes with the exclude option for source composite glyphs.

Not sure this is a good idea. Because just removing a glyph from feature code doesn’t guarantee that the code is valid afterwards.

Better look into tokens for feature code. Or automate code as much as possible with good glyph names.