Feature Request: Ruler, Guides, Snap to Guide

First off - I really REALLY love this app. You guys have put together a pretty fantastic product and are really good about getting back to customers, and I really appreciate that.

Maybe it’s a newbie thing, or that I’m so used to working in Illustrator, but a few small features that I would add to my wish list would be:

Snap to Guides


  • Jim

What for? What are you trying to achieve?

Has been in the app since version 1.

I’d love to set vertical & horizontal guidelines at specific locations so I can visually see for example, how far out a tail extends on an “e” relative to the apeture of the eye… Rather than having to draw a line in.

Add a guide from the context menu. You can double click its knob to rotate it 90° and drag it. Or type in the precise position in the info box.

But to measure the distance between two nodes, select both and you can read the distance in the info box (in the <-> field).

I would not use guidelines for that. Either quickly measure it by clicking and dragging with the measurement tool (shortcut L, or activate it temporarily by holding down Ctrl-Opt-Cmd), or, as Georg points out, make a selection and read its measurements in the grey Info Box (Cmd-Shift-I).