Feature request: Script menu search

Hi. First off, love the improvements to the new version. :tada:

Like many others, I’m sure I have a lot of glyphs. I have mine sorted by creator (github repos symlinked into the Scripts folder) but I have a hard time remembering who’s created which script. One can use the Help menu to search, but that finds too many results (especially with simple search terms). Maybe a similar window at the top of the Script drop-down menu?


What would the search in the script menu do differently then the one in the help menu (other then omitting the other menus)?

Honestly, that’s pretty much it. It’s just when you’re searching for something like “open,” you get a lot of hits elsewhere. My current workflow is searching the Scripts folder in Finder. Inefficient, but doable.

What I did is I set a keyboard shortcut for the help menu. And I am trying to give my scripts typical names that are not too close to other commands.

Someone could build a “Command Launcher” kind of like spotlight where you press a keyboard shortcut, a popup with a textfield comes up and you type something and it “intelligently” displays a list of commands. If it would remember you preferences…