Feature request (script to delete multi glyphs just like generate glyphs


Is there script to mass delete glyphs?
to delete multi glyphs just like generate glyphs …

from a prepared list of glyphs either (comma / space / line seperated) to be applied on many files/project

good for many glyphs and repeated actions on many fonts

like generate glyphs …


You can easily create a List Filter containing all the glyphs you wish to delete. Once you’ve set up the filter, simply select it, choose all the glyphs within, and then delete them.



Why do you need to do that for so many projects?

Projects = So many .glyphs files

So many glyphs per file

So instead of hand select each one

and possibility of Mistakenly delete untargeted glyphs or leave remove-targeted glyphs.

If you have list and a feature of bulk removal, you make sure of accelerated & accurate work

Why does the project has many .glyphs files?

many legacy wrong mapped files that have many glyphs to be removed
each group of these fonts have the same set of removal-targeted glyphs

then I will leave the basic shapes from which other glyphs can be generated via composite / decompose contents

If you can also make a list of all glyphs that you like to keep. Select all and assign a color. Then have a second smart filter that shows all glyphs that don’t have the color label and then delete those.

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I will try list filter/smart filter
I think it will fulfill my need

thanks @HugoJ @GeorgSeifert