Feature request: 'Select' tool for spacing/kerning

When kerning/spacing, you have to select the glyph you want to change any of the values of, but as soon as you select it, it shows an outline, so to see the effect of the change in sidebearings/kerning I have to move the selection somewhere else. I could also use the Text tool, but then the cursor gets in the way of judging the result properly. Basically, what I’m requesting is a tool that allows me to select a glyph without changing the way it’s displayed, so I don’t constantly have to move away the selection in order to judge the spacing/kerning after changing it.

Hope this makes sense. Cheers!

You can also have the preview area/window on. Or have your text twice in the edit tab.

Yes, I know. It’s not the most pressing of requests, but I still think it would be faster/easier than those options.

You want to see the text without the cursor in between? I think this is solved with the preview.

What about using the text tool? It allows changing of spacing and kerning and does show a black shape.

i think mekkablues suggestions are exactly how i would deal with it, tho i dont find the caret visually impacting enough to disturb my judgement on the spacing or kerning.

anyhow to rephrase your request in simpler terms,
you would like to toggle visibility of the caret…

You can also use the placeholder. For example: Bar is where the selector is.
type in the window

This way you can even see the kerning in different situations at once

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