Feature request: smarter Set Anchors

most part of anchor placement could be predicted with glyph bbox, top extrema points(or avarage of them) and by dividing the glyph width in ligatures, so maybe it’s helpful to consider in GlyphData.xml like this:

	<glyph unicode="0631"...anchors="top:middle_bbox, bottom:bottom_extrema" />

I don’t know if this is what you mean. But it would be great to be able to right-click on an anchor and lock the position to box-middle/box-left/box-right or something like that.

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That is already possible:

  • top@ascender*1.1
  • center@capheight*0.8
  • center@centerX*0.2;maxY

(maxY, minY, centerY, maxX, minX, centerX, width, ascender, capheight, xheight, baseline, descender)

You can combine two with math and separate the X and Y with semicolon.

I fixed an issue with “xheight” and “capheight” a couple of days ago. Will work with the next update.

And auto alignment for anchors is an interesting idea.


very nice :slight_smile: :ok_hand:
thank you georg

no, but this is interesting too.

+1 , this could be an incredible feature !

Speaking of anchor features, I still really, really would love to see multiple anchor names per anchor, separated by space, so something like bottomright ogonek connect. This would be incredibly useful.

That is an interesting idea. Do you expect this to be different in different masters (combining them in on master, and have separate ones in others)

Very good point. It would probably make sense to be able to have them separate in one master and “bundled” in another. Is that possible?

One way would be if overlapping anchors are stored separately and just displayed as a single anchor point in Edit View.

Then, however, it is no longer possible to select a single anchor from this overlap group if you want to move it or define a context for just one of the anchors.