Feature request: support for public.openTypeMeta

Now that UFO3 spec includes public.openTypeMeta in lib.plist, could we get support for dlng and slng metadata tags in GlyphsApp?

I envision this would involve two custom parameters, for example openTypeMeta.dlng and openTypeMeta.slng, each of which holds an array of strings.

For more info about rationale and motivation behind the meta table, see Peter Constable’s talk at TYPO Labs 2018, starting at 23:45.

Thanks for considering this,

I’m working on the meta table support but it is not finished, yet.

Thanks! Am looking forward to trying it out.

Is there any app that consumes the data? It would help testing?

The new fonts control panel in Windows 10 uses the metadata to decide what sample strings to show. Peter explains how it works in the TYPO Labs video I mentioned above.

Any progress?

FontBakery now tests for the presence and content of the ‘meta’ table and WARNs if not present.

Thanks for adding the meta Table custom parameter!

(ref support for `meta` table needed · Issue #693 · googlefonts/glyphsLib · GitHub)