Feature Request: The ability to set default font in EditGlyphData

It would be useful to be able to specify what font is primarily displayed when using EditGlyphData. Currently the program uses what is available and as a result one gets a mix of serif and sans serif glyphs displayed. In addition symbols that are part of the private user area gets shown by a question mark. Having the ability to set the default font the program uses would fix these issues.

Making it possible to increase the number of characters shown of an entry’s name would also be a welcome addition. Currently their names are cutoff too early even if there should be enough space.


You can drag the sidebar to be very small and then wider again. That will “fix” the length of texts. I’ll have a look to fix that properly.

Thanks for the report and I added that preview font customization. I didn’t add a UI, yet. It is set in the macro window, like that:

App.previewFonts["latin"] = "Path/to/font/file.otf"

(you can get that from the snippet button)

You can set the font per script. I though about allowing it per category, but didn’t come up with a good solution, yet.

I uploaded a new version. Please give it a try.

Hmm, I’m either doing something wrong or there are still some bugs left that need to be fixed. The program crashes when I try to click run. Fontname and Username has been censored for privacy reasons.

Is there a way to get this to work without the program crashing?