Feature Request: Transformation orgin/rotation in Transformations panel

I like how a transformation can be applied to a selection in the Transformations panel. I like applying trasnformations in the Transformations panel over the side panel because you get a live preview of the transformation and they affect the metrics. However, I would like a control for the transformation orgin like the side panel has. I would also like the addition of rotation controls.
Thanks for your consideration!

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Can you give some use cases ?

Yes please. I can’t remember what the context was but I emailed you (Georg) about this exact issue last week. Sometimes it would be really nice being able to quickly select one of the nodes in the ‘dotted square’ as origin-point. As it is now I have to zoom in until I can see the UPM-grid and place the origin point manually (and it doesn’t even snap to the grid) before I rotate precisely.