Feature request: undo per layer (master)

it is awesome that we have per-glyph undo, which is already very helpful. a step further for me, would be undo per layer/master. frequently I’ll do some work across different masters in a single glyph. then maybe I look at one master and think, I would like to undo a couple of changes. but if I use undo, it will undo the latest changes to any master in the glyph, rather than the current master I have selected

That would be really helpful. But also very confusing. E.g. what happens if you change a kerning group or other glyph level stuff between the two layer changes. How to undo those?

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that’s a good point. you could make glyph-level changes undo when selected in the font view, vs. master-level changes in the edit view, but that would probably be very confusing to people. if Layer Whale ever makes it to Glyphs 3, I wonder if that could be a solution for this sort of thing.