Feature request: Virtual Masters: Use default values from current master

I think this could ease setting up virtual masters:

When adding a virtual master layer (“Intermediate”) beneath a master layer, you have to enter the values for all axes. In most imaginable setups you might want to have the same values for all axes except the virtual master axis.

Here is a mockup of current state and what I mean the change would do:

So the red numbers could be prefilled or shown as a placeholder, where the values are the ones from that master (not the virtual master, but the master under which that virtual master layer hangs). And then, if you don’t enter anything, Glyphs still uses these defaults already.

This is a rather simple setup, but with more masters, adding those default values feels a little redundant and adds a lot of clicks and types.

Does this make sense? Any other ideas?

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Any opinions about that?

Still thinking :wink:

Thanks for considering. Here’s one more point in favor for that idea: you usually have to set these layers in all the glyphs you want to add to that axis, right? That’s why it is a very repetitive task.

Also, if you change the (other) master values, the left-empty-defaults could automatically change accordingly. Now one would have to go through all those glyphs and their layers to adjust the values as well.

But if the values are set by default and the user doesn’t change them, you end up with brace layers that are on the same spot as the masters.

The user will have to change one value at least, most likely the one for the virtual-mastered axis.

Maybe if all values are left empty, there could be a warning somehow, indicating that it doesn’t make sense to keep all values empty?

Or did I misunderstand?

I fixed it (in a future version) what you only need to change the values that are different than the master that it is attached, too. And it shows the “default” values as placeholders.

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That is fabulous! Thank you so much :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: