Feature request: wildcards in custom parameter glyph lists

Would be great to be able to specify something like

Remove Glyphs | *.disp

in place of

Remove Glyphs | B.disp,K.disp,R.disp,germandbls.disp,b.sc.disp,k.sc.disp,r.sc.disp
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Good idea.

In the meantime, in your case, perhaps it is a better solution to simply set the .disp to non-exporting. I assume they replace the unsuffixed glyphs in some instances?

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Yes, please – I want that, too!

yea i was just talking to georg about that exact thing.
hes got it on the radar…

still on the radar?

This should work. Does it not for you?

You can build a simple query like name=A.* (that will match all glyphs with A.+suffix)

I set the query into PreFilter parameter, name=*.xxx and fell. Now, Glyphs can’t be opened. I don’t want to believe that these two can be related. I reinstalled it, didn’t help. I removed autosave, helped… Reproducable at my computer

3.0.3 (3091)

Can you send me that file?

I tried again and it works, thanks!