Feature request: Zoom in Preview Panel

I was wondering if you considered implementing a zoom feature in the detached Preview Panel (much like the GlyphsViewer App) and even maybe in the Font Editor Preview window on the bottom? Sometimes I find myself dragging that drawer so high up that I don’t have enough space to edit anymore.

In the iOS GlyphsViewer App I can zoom in to a certain point, but I would prefer to be able to zoom in even more. Diacritics, for instance, tend to be rather smallish, even zoomed in at the maximum level.

While working on curves I often want to just have a giant preview of that curve on the second screen/separate window.
This is not efficient use of space


Being able to zoom out would also be good. When working on a font with lots of instances, wide glyphs can easily disappear off the edge of the screen. Rather than resing the window all the time it would be good to set the zoom at a level that works nicely for all glyphs. If that’s not possible, if glyphs are going off the sides, it would be handy to click and drag the relevant part into the viewport, as a kind of scrolling.


Or maybe match the zoom from the Edit Pane to the Preview Pane

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Is this topic still a possible improvement in one of the next versions?

This is on my list.


Good news, then! Thanks.

+1 for this

I often use the Preview Panel on a second screen. I would like to switch to full-screen mode and have a feature to be able to zoom in and out instead of resizing the panel…just like it is in the GlyphsViewer App.

It could also be helpful to also be able to set the font size like it is in the editor ( - 25o pt + )


+1 for the requests above!! :slight_smile:


Do you have an iPad? Try the GlyphsViewer iOS app. You can pinch zoom with your fingers.

+1 for this request!

I also use the Preview Panel on the second screen.
I would like to have a feature to be able to zoom in and out.

Or based on the left side of the preview panel, it would be great to be able to zoom in and out the displayed glyph according to the aspect ratio of the window.

I would like to use Preview Panel effectively because I don’t have iPad.

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Did this ever get addressed? Having trouble finding any information online about this. If you can zoom in on the preview panel it is not intuitive.

As of now, you cannot zoom in the Preview panel. The size of the panel is the zoom.

Even now is this topic about the Preview Panel alive?
+1 for the request.

We too don’t have iPad.
We put only the Preview Panel into small sub-monitor and display it in full screen. So sometimes it is a little tough to change its size.
In addition changing the size somehow the preview position gets changed.

If there is a “+ -” button on the main window to zoom in/out the Preview Panel, for example, it will really help us.

can you send me a screenshot of your setup (you can do so in a private message).

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Still no zoom in the preview panel?
@GeorgSeifert it’s been on your todo list for about 3 years, if I remember well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now that I get to work with Glyphs again I thought this would be resolved.

There are a lot more things on my list for much longer.:disappointed_relieved:

I’m glad it’s still on your list and not scrapped.
Keep on with the great work. Cheers. :hugs:

In the meantime you can try the magnifier from Variable Font Preview and report if you have issues with that. It’s not the same as zooming the entire view, but for the purpose (e.g. spotting kinks or similar outline issues) it’s still really useful.

For other increased previews you can still always use the preview window and make it big (or do the same with Variable Font Preview’s stand-alone window). Both increase the preview with their window height.

Thanks for the Tip, Mark. I’ll give it a try. :raised_hands:

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