Feature requests - Instances window

In the Instances window, it would be great if the Interpolation numbers could be incremented by ones with arrow up/down or by tens with shift-arrow up/down, with instant feedback in the sample on the bottom, the way that many other number input boxes work in Glyphs.

Also, being able to customize the “Ang126” sample text would be useful.

There is a problem particularly with this text fields. I tried it but it did not work.

I will see what I can do about the sample text. Would you like to change it for all font or on a font basis?

Would making it interactive be possible? Conceivably my needs might change even within the same font at different times.

Related request: making the sample area resizable (with corresponding zoom) like the Preview pane works in the regular tabs.

For now, you could just select the instance in the preview area and then open the instances tab. You should see the changes to the instance in the preview.

Yes, there’s no functionality missing here, just convenience of clearly seeing instant and useful feedback as I set the interpolation numbers.

+1 for customizable Ang126