Feature Suggestion: Anchor selection

Hi! Early today I was thinking that would be nice if one could select anchors and multiple anchors clicking and dragging with the selection tool.

Maybe this could be possible using a modifier key like alt + click and drag to not mess with paths and nodes.

What do you think?


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Rectangular selections with the option key already exist, they select on-curve nodes rather than handles. I had a separate select tool once for selecting anchors. Maybe I can still dig it up.

You know, you can move from one to the next anchor by pressing the tab key?

Oh yes, I didn’t remember that function when I wrote the post, maybe with cmd? haha.
I know about the tab switching but still not the same, thanks anyway.

Best regards.

Hello is there any update for this feature?

It would be wonderful if we just select all the anchors with cmd + click drag

We need a compelling reason to build that into such a low-level function. What do you want to achieve?

  • Select all anchors to see their names? Press Cmd-A repeatedly until (also) the anchors are selected.
  • Select all anchors to move them all at once? Try SelectionPalette by @danielgamage, it is available for free in Window > Plugin Manager.

This plugin might do a lot of work. Thanks for sharing.
Suggested feature might speed up fine tuning process while editing complex shapes.
Example is attached.ezgif-3-003eba60ca88

Ah, you want to only select handles (off-curve nodes). Anchors are a different thing and why there was some confusion.

One way to do what you want, right now:

  • Click-Drag to select some nodes, as you do at the beginning of your animated gif.
  • Press and hold Shift & Option keys to click-drag another box around the nodes you want to deselect.

The Shift-drag is indicating to add to the current selection.
The Option key indicates to only select on-curve nodes. For on-curve nodes already in the selection, those will be deselected.

Hope that makes sense.

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Yes you are right! I always forget those are not anchors. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Thank you so much your suggestion is great!