Feature suggestion: color notes

Two existing features I like are how easy it is to assign color labels to glyphs, and how convenient it is to have notes about key dimensions in the palette.

An additional feature that would be useful would be to have a kind of user-definable legend in the palette with notes attached to colors. That way I could, say, label all a number of glyphs pink and then place in this new palette panel a notation next to a pink swatch like “check counter width” or “swash alternates.”

I recognize that I can make custom filters that would do almost this. The differences from a custom filter are that with the above solution:

  • Visual feedback includes the color itself at a glance
  • Legend would be saved with the font file rather than as a permanent app preference
  • Legend could be specific to a master (like key dimensions are)–though I recognize that color labels apply to the glyphs of all masters in a font

Related: is there now, or is there plans for, the ability to attach notes to glyphs?

…or “swash alternates.”

Brilliant idea, Craig. On a related note, it would be pretty cool if I could assign colors to just about anything. Unicode blocks, suffixes, and filters would all be great things to break down by color.

There is actually a notes column in the font list mode. Right click the header if you don’t see it.

I will improve this in the future. Like add post it style note in the edit view or something like that.

I think it is more useful to add notes like you proposed to the glyphs and not to the colors.

Probably so. I do hope the solution allows it to be clear at a glance which letters have notes. And if the legend idea isn’t implemented, is there another way to easily and clearly make a note simultaneously on multiple selected glyphs?

a way to easily and clearly make a note simultaneously on multiple selected glyphs

I’m working on that.

Somewhat related feature request: Ability to create a new list filter by dragging and dropping selected glyphs (like an iTunes playlist).

The font grid view can’t drag at all. So you can better drag to select.

You can copy names from the selected glyphs with the context menu. This should get you started.

Fair enough. Would a “Make list filter from selected glyphs” option in the action menu at the lower left be fitting? (That would save the trip to the dialog and pasting.)

This is a good idea.

@eliason But that’s how it works already. Select glyphs and add a list filter. The list contains the names of the selected glyphs.

Hey, so it does!