Feature suggestion: selecting anchors

Just wanted to suggest a little feature: holding some modifier key to select nodes and anchor points with marquee selection. Option is reserved for on-curves only, so maybe Command or Shift would do?

Why: because individual point selection (the only way to select anchors, right?) requires an annoying level of precision and often leads to selecting a wrong thing nearby.

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This would be handy. I had a similar question posted here

There is a suggestion for a potential solution (based on behavior from other programs) of using the direction of marquee selection as a way of deciding to select only nodes or nodes + anchors.

That’s an interesting idea, but sometimes selecting in one direction is easier than in the other, so I think direction is not a completely “free” option, the way the modifier keys are :slight_smile:

After reading this this morning, I thought instead of adding more modifiers, I could add an option to switch what the option+drag is selecting. I never use the oncurve only selection so it might be a fair tradeoff?


For me that would work, I never use it either