Feature Suggestion: Selecting text

I’d love to be able to select text in Text Mode (for copy/paste/cut methods). Currently it’s only possible to select the whole text in a tab with cmd+a.

You can select text by holding the shift key and using the cursor keys.

Indeed, I’m used to drag&click text. As far as I can see drag&click would not interfere with a different feature?

No, but I did not had time to implement it as it is quite low on my list.

Any chance we could get this feature? It would be very handy if it was possible to select text by dragging, just like in practically all other applications.


I’m trying to cut down on holding modifier keys and just realised that click and drag (or three-finger drag) to select text isn’t a thing in Glyphs. I agree that this would be a handy feature. Any chance it’s moved up in the list or coming to G3?

Yes, please!

I just noticed again yesterday – this simply feels like something is missing. Something one is used to from everywhere else on the computer.

Okay, next attempt: Can we please please please have this? Wow, it’s an eight-year-old request. I simply do not understand why it shouldn’t be possible to select text by dragging.


Just wanted to file the feature request, and found that it already has been listed in the Glyphs issues for a few months. Rest assured, it has not been forgotten. I cannot promise an arrival date yet.

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I’ll add my vote for adding this feature.

I just noticed another somewhat related thing.

In normal text editors (or, this text field I’m typing in right now), if I click in the space behind a line, i.e. after the line break but at the height of that line, the cursor gets placed at the end of the line.

In Glyphs, the behaviour is somewhat strange:
• If I click close enough, the cursor gets placed at the end of the line (which is what I’d expect).
• If I click somewhat further to the right, the cursor gets placed at the beginning of the next line.
• If I click even further to the right, the cursor gets placed at the very end of the text in the current window.

That’s a bit strange. I’d appreciate if it simply behaves like elsewhere on the system, i.e. always at the end of the line.

Any chance this could be implemented? Thanks!

I think, I would like to have this, too.