Feature suggestion

Hi Georg,
I’m working with masters for a type family, and it’s pretty helpful but I also like the “Compare font” feature when you work with the weights separately.
It would be quite interesting if it was possible to add an instance from a separate font that would only be a reference (you would edit the font separately but be able to see it update on the “masters” file).

Kind of like when you place an image in an inDesign file. This way you’d edit the main file, say font01-bold.glyphs and be able to see the results/weight comparison in font01-masters.glyphs.

Best regards!

The live comparison of two fonts in one edit window is indeed a good idea.

For now, you can put the outlines of one font in the background layer of another font. So you see both outlines.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that too.
Also, by comparison, I also meant the edit > compare fonts command, where you can actually see what’s different in terms of metrics/kerning which is pretty helpful as well, but cannot be made when comparing masters, only fonts, correct?

Honestly, I’d rather have this within one single edit window:
3 lines “the quick brown fox”:

  • 1st master on the 1st line,
  • an interpolation on the 2nd line,
  • 2nd master on the 3rd line.

1st and 3rd line are possible now, the middle line isn’t.
Or did I miss something?

The preview area can show instances in the next version.

Georg, this is the point where I feel that postings in this forum oughta have a ‘Like’ button. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile: