Features Display doesn't work on the file I'm working on

I’m working on a typeface design project with the Glyphs app. Up until this morning, the Features button at the bottom left on the type window (command-T) works great. I can switch the display mode to standard ligatures to see what it look like. But this morning, I can no longer do so. The Features button is now frozen with a red ! mark next to it. See picture below. Please help.

Well… I think I somehow fixed it. I noticed that under the features tab on top, there are “salt” and “sso1” both has the exact same script in them. So I disable the sso1. And somehow the features button at the bottom works again. Not sure if it’s the right thing to disable it though. Please advice.

The exclamation mark means your features are not up to date. Update and compile your features in File Info > Features, it’s the two buttons at the bottom.

It just occurred to me that if there’s an exclamation mark on features a compile option could appear, highlighted, at the top of the feature list. This would help newbies and save time for someone who’s doing a big batch of tweaking and testing.

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Yeah! Probably should be update & compile. This happens most frequently after renaming or deleting a glyph.