Few questions about Vertical Metrics


I’m a bit confused about Vertical Metrics. I just read the tutorial, and maybe are stupid questions but my doubts are:

  • If I must have the same values for all masters (five in this case), how can I choose the right values? WinAscent & WinDescent are different in all masters because the extreme top & bottom have a difference about 90 units on the top and 30 on the bottom. Should I use the biggest? or, How?

  • And then, should also be the same for roman and italics?

Thanks for your invaluable help!

I lacked to clarify that the differences of the extreme top & bottom are the differences of the extreme weights… ooops! :smiley:

You need to be able to find values that work for all masters and make sense to you. Not every glyph needs to be saved from clipping.

If you want to avoid jumping when switching between family members, I would make them the same throughout the family.

Thanks for your reply, I was working all day in that direction (luckily seems the right) and, after research for more documentation and take a look at a few fonts, I think it’s solved.

Thanks for clarify me it, I was a bit stressed out with this.