Figure sets and currency symbols

In my font, the proportional oldstyle figures are the default, so I have the glyphs one, one.lf,, one.tosf, which generates the features automatically as it should.

With the currency symbols, I am experiencing problems, however. Just like for the figures, I use e.g. euro, euro.lf,, euro.tosf, which generates two substitutions for the euro:

sub euro by euro.tosf;
sub euro by; (which is wrong).

This throws an error, of course.

What am I doing wrong? The problem occurs for all currency symbols but not for the actual figures.

I fixed it.

Just found a related problem.

I have one, one.lf,, one.tosf.

The automatically generated case feature includes:

sub by one.lf;

which is obviously wrong ( should not be touched).


sub one.tosf by one.lf;

which is also wrong (should be sub one.tosf by

Could this be fixed?

I think I fixed it. I did you heuristic to determine the default figure style. That doesn’t work properly in all cases (e.g. if the default figures are osf but are only slightly smaller then the lining figures. I changed it that it will look at the existing glyphs with suffixes.

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Ah, that sounds more robust.

Bte, the old heuristics did work for me for all features except for case. I even adjusted my design so that Glyphs recognises the old-style figures (the difference was just short of the required 17%).