File crashes Glyphs, won't open

Hi there,

I can’t open one of my master files. Whenever I try to open it, Glyphs says it crashed last time and when I choose to reopen the file, it crashes again. I can open other files but this particular one will make the program crash. Any advice? I don’t want to lose again another half day of work coming back to my backed files :frowning: (22.5 KB)

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.

Please always send the crash reports with the dialog that comes up after the app restart:

Aside from that, absolutely always do use a backup system, at least TimeMachine, better a version control system like git (Bitbucket and GitHub offer affordable services), no matter which kind of work you do on a computer.

OK, I’ve sent the file. On backups: I’ve updated my Carbon Copy Cloner settings to more frequent backups.

I didn’t see the email from you, yet? Could you send it again? Thanks.

I’ve sent it again. Yesterday I sent it to support [at] Now it went to support [at]

I can open the file in Glyphs builds 1009, 1040, 1042, and the latest 1043.

  1. Perhaps the autosave file next to it is corrupted? Delete it and try opening it again.

  2. Which plugins do you have installed? Any View menu extensions activated?

1- Which autosave file? I see none.
2- ArrangeWindows, Drawbot, FixZeroHandles, LayerGeek, MetricsSolver, Noodler, RedArrow, ReporterToggler, ShowExportStatus, ShowTopsAndBottoms, StemThickness

I installed the latest 1043 quid and the file continues to crash Glyphs. Fontlab 5 will crash when importing it and Fontlab 6 can indeed open it (though it will mess a bit the components structure).

OK, I’ve made a test deactivating pluggins one by one. I isolated the problem:
If I activate ShowExportStatus Glyphs will crash when opening my file.
Any idea why is this happening?

Did you send crash reports? And can you check the console if there is anything that might relate to the crash?

Haven’t used ShowExportStatus in a while. Perhaps it needs an update.
Also be careful with MetricsSolver, I would not leave it on globally.

Yes, I sent one crash report. And No, I didn’t check the console.