File is locked


I wanted to open a RF.ufo file with Glyphs, but after every correction Glyphs said that “the file is locked”. I choosed Duplicate in Glyphs, but my file is always locked. So that is impossible to “Review changes” in RF. How to correct that? Thank you.

My problem concerns the design of a letter “O” which, after a rotation of the inner circle, has non orthogonal bcp, or eventually, bad extrema points. It should be nice to have a plug-in or a script to clean up the paths.


This can happen if you have the file open in both applications at the same time.

As for the o, there already are functions to set extremum points and tidy up paths. If you delete the bad extrema one by one, then Glyphs will try to reconstruct the curve. See the tutorial video about drawing paths.

Hi Mekkablue,

My problem is not solved. I only open my file in Glyphs: on the menubar file locked appears. So I clicked either Unlock or Duplicate, and I save my file with another name. On each operation I make, I receive always the same answer: File is locked…

The “locked” label is given by the system. This is one of the features of the new saving scheme in Lion.

To unlock it, click on the “unlock” and in the menu that pops up. If that is not possible, the file is on a read only volume or otherwise write protected. Check the file in the Finder.

I have the same problem. I did unlock it, checked everthing (volume/write protection) but I cannot get it unlocked!

can you duplicate the file in Finder?

similar problem here. impossible to open any existing font – they all open as both locked and blank. this is with ttf and otf files and glyphs-mini. This is not a read only volume, not a write protected file, i can copy move it delete it whatever – except open it and edit it in glyphs-mini

I had this too a while ago.

All existing font files open in Glyphs Mini as completely blank and locked. Any ideas welcome because at the moment this app is completely useless!!! GLYPHS TEAM – PLEASE RESPOND. YOU HAVE MY MONEY BUT YOUR APP DOES NOT WORK AND YOU DON’T ANSWER MY EMAILS SO THIS FORUM IS THE ONLY WAY TO REACH YOU.

Where did you sent the e-mails to? There is nothing about this in the support mail folder.

I cannot reproduce the problem. I was able to open an OTF in Glyphs just fine.

Which font file are you trying to open?
Did you make sure you are using the latest version of Glyphs mini (Version 1.5.3, 41)?

As for the locked status: Of course it is locked, because OTF or TTF is not the storing format of Glyphs, ad thusly cannot be overwritten by File > Save. You need to duplicate first: File > Duplicate, and then save a .glyphs file.

I got the mail at info at…

And I could not reproduce his problem, either.