File size too large even after removing everything

Hi there, first time user here. I came here with one task: make Noto Sans font ( Noto Sans - Google Fonts ) smaller by removing unnecessary icons and characters. After loading the NotoSans-Regular.ttf file (570KB). I went to and removed all Glyph ranges except Basic Latin 0x20 - 0x7f . So I exported it:

Export to SVG : 3.8MB.
Export to OTF : 786KB.

Then I converted all files to Woff2 and the result is:
original TTF file - 192KB,
GlyphStudio SVG exported file - 129KB,
GlyphStudio OTF exported file - 132KB

What am I doing wrong ? Any tips ? I just need a very small version of that font for a website with the most basic latin characters. Thank you for reading

You will probably get better results with pyftsubset: subset β€” fontTools Documentation

With your Unicode range my resulting TTF was 14Kb.

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It’s also not recommended to work from exported font files such as .ttf or .otf.
You will likely achieve better results by using the source file of Noto Sans available on GitHub.

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What Hugo is referring to is the Glyphs source files publicly available here:

You can find the source files in the /sources/ directory. Note that cloning the entire repository requires about 1.5GB of space, if I remember correctly.

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