Fill Font Preview

I understand it’s possible to view a fill version in the small preview section on the bottom. I also understand that the font will fill in the “Text” mode.

Is it possible to preview a fill version of the font in the main editor section while editing?

You can press the space bar to temporarily fill the glyphs.

Georg Seifert

Thanks for the space bar tip, I’ll definitely use it. Any plans to add fill preview while editing as a new feature in an upcoming release?

You can already do that if you type the letter you’re working on a second time.

I understand that you can preview if you type the letter.

It would be more convenient to be able to have a fill view in addition to the “default” outline view while editing a letter.

It would be great if this is added in an upcoming release.

Not sure I understand. What is the advantage over two letters next to each other? You have the preview with one while editing the other.

And I don’t think it helps to see the shape filled and then draw the outlines on top of it.

As a professional designer, I beg to differ. Filled shapes help tremendously when drawing vectors and typefaces. A filled shape aids in adjusting handles and béizer curves.

The ability to edit letters either as a “fill” or “outline” would be a great new addition.

You mean that an open path should be displayed as closed and filled? How would that help ‘in adjusting handles’? Can you perhaps give an example?

I was just thinking about this the other day. I’m not sure if it was typetool or fontographer that let you have filled contours while editing- closed paths would display with a light gray fill. it was not obtrusive and very useful when editing. I’d love to have that

Kemie, I agree with you. RoboFont also has the option to fill contours. It’s similar to Illustrator also.

I created a quick mockup to help show what we are talking about:

I too feel this feature is missing and would be very helpful while drawing letters.
Any plan on adding this feature soon?

Install this plugin:

Or this. It basically does the same job, with slightly different graphic.