Filled in Glyphs?


I am a web designer and new to glyphs, but 'm working on figuring it out! I have created a font in illustrator, and i have each letter exported as an EPS. When i load the fonts in, certain letters, (b, d, not A, P…) are filled in where it is supposed to just be an outline.

Like i said, I’m new to glyphs, so i’m sorry if this is a newbie question, but i’ve researched the help/manual and the forums and couldnt find an answer.


Any closed path will be displayed as filled. If you do not like that, you can cut it open by clicking on an existing point using the Pen tool. See the Drawing Paths video (2min) on the Getting Started page.

In fonts, there are only filled shapes and now stroked outlines. If you need a thin line, use the Offset Path filter with “Make Stroke” selected.


I think your problem has to do with Path Direction. Try this: do a Cmd-A (Select All), then do a Shift-Cmd-R (Correct Path Direction). I think that will fix it for you.