Filter glyphs with multiple unicode values

Is there a way to filter or select all of the glyphs with multiple unicode values? Or vice versa: filter/select only the glyphs with a single unicode value?

I’m working on an all caps typeface, and I updated the Glyph Info for A-Z so they’d also be assigned the unicode for their lowercase counter parts. I’ve since added stylistic alternates and diacritics, but if I select everything and “Update Glyph Info” then it assigns two unicode values to the new glyphs, but reduces the other glyphs back to being assigned a single value.

I can of course make these adjustments manually, but I wanted to know if there’s a way to quickly filter/select the outliers so I can easily update the glyph info, and so I can just keep an eye on everything to make sure nothing is out of whack.


There is no build in way to check that. I’ll think about how to add it.

But that the double unicodes are remove the second time you run “Update Info” is a bug. Thanks for reminding me about it. I fixed it.