Filter slant when using Components that are flipped?

If I use a Filter slant as a Custom Parameter, it will apply it correctly to all Components. However if a Component has been flipped it doesn’t display correctly. Is there a way around this or can I not flip components?

You can add a decompose command in a PreFilter before that.

Good idea. Thanks!

No, I can’t get this to work. PreFilter should go in Custom Parameters above the Filter command?

I think I have the value wrong. With Filters this is simple, but for Decompose Components there is no way to copy the value, so I’ve had to try and guess.

Property = PreFilter
Value = DecomposeComponents;A (list of glyphs)

I can’t find anything in this forum or in the handbook that tells me how to do this.

True. You will need the LayerGeek plug-in. Find it in the Plugin Manager. Then use it with:

LayerGeek; decomposeComponents; include:A

Thanks! I got this working. Decompose Components solves the problem with flipped components and excluding the components from the Slant Filter solves the offset problem. Here’s what I did:

PreFilter = "LayerGeek; decomposeComponents;";

Filter = "Transformations;Slant:18;SlantCorrection:0;Origin:4; exclude:_quad-uc, _semi-uc, _stem, _bar, _mid-uc, _semi-lc, _quad-lc, _mid-lc, _quad-dia,"


PreFilter = "Decompose" should work, too.