Filter>Transformations bug?

Version 1.3.19 (469) OS X 10.8.2

When Filter>Transformations is opened, if any field (I tested Transform) has an existing value from a previous operation, it is immediately applied to the existing glyph.

If one doesn’t happen to notice this, it could cause problems.

I believe the proper operation should be None until a new value is entered or Cancel/OK is clicked.

Though isn’t it likely that often you’ll want to apply the same values as you just did? I can see that as a feature rather than a bug.

Often, yes, but not always.

So, alternatives:
Have a Reset button to reset the fields to zero/default and undo what was just applied might be a solution.

That, however, might create errors so an even better solution might be to have the default behavior of the panel to reset the fields to zero/default when the panel is opened, then have a checkbox inside the panel which would retain values to override that.

Eliason is right. This is a feature and not a bug.

And the transformation is not applied to the original outline. You only see a preview. Hit esc or cancel and you get the original back

So the Preview, though it shows the outlines changed, isn’t going to introduce any positioning errors if I hit Esc/Cancel?

[edit] I just did a test and I see what you mean now. Thanks; this will work just fine.