Filters in font view: difference between components

Filters in font view: Is there any possibility to differentiate between glypsh with accent-composites and glyphs with components as parts of letters?

Do the glyphs build from parts also contain path?
How many different parts do you have? There is a “contains component” filter. You can have several of them (Option click the plus in the filter editor to add a group).

I want to select only glyphs with accents, and not glpyhs without accents, no matter if path, with component parts or completely made of components.

Then make a filter with all accented glyphs.

Yes, that was the intention. A smart filter for all diacritics. But how? Do I overlook anything?

Add a row for each accent you are interested in. To get the “Any” row, option click the plus button.

Great. Hard to find, but great!