.fina form not auto populating outside of glyphs?

Super novice user here. I have one glyph that has a .fina form. works perfectly in glyphs, however does not auto populate outside of glyphs in OTF apps. Any ideas? thanks!

The “fina” feature is only supposed to work with arabic (and a few other scripts). Glyphs is not applying this rule correctly. What are you trying and where did you test this? Have a look at this: Features, part 4: positional alternates | Glyphs

yes ive taken a look at those articles. This is for me script font. it auto-populates in glyphs but not in other programs. I made a previous script font where all the .fina characters work without isssue. And I’ve followed the same steps.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 11.21.04 AM